You aim high in the world full of opportunities.

You have high hopes, big dreams, big ideas, big plans, and desires. You want to make an impact in the world. Leave a legacy. Do something that matters.

Sometimes it is overwhelming. What to pursue?

Perhaps you are doing great with whatever it is you are doing, but it’s somehow not what you always wanted. Should you change your trajectory? How do you know for sure what your real purpose is?

The first step is not always obvious. Then the “Law Of Diminishing Intent” hits and the longer you postpone the implementation of your ideas, the more you procrastinate. Until you discard it altogether.

After all, chances are that you are super busy with your current agenda already. How will you make time for a yet another project? Or a side hustle?

Maybe you even doubt whether you are good enough to succeed. It doesn’t make sense, you have a great track record of success, so how did this thought even creep in?

It all comes down to your mental model. The lens through which you view the world. The program you have formed in your early childhood, slowly and sneakily, so you didn’t even notice.

What do I know about all that?

When I was a kid, I come home all excited from my ballet lesson, I am about 12 years old, and I know what high school I want to study — Lycee Francais!

And I am giving the news to my parents and my mom looks at me and goes: “It’s a terrible idea. You will never make it.”

And my dad goes: “If she learns French at that level, she can replace Boutros Boutros-Ghali in his role of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

Too ambitions for one parent, not enough ambitious for the other.

Not good enough for either.

That’s when a fighter was born: “Dad, I will fight for my own ambitions.” “Mom, I will prove you wrong.”

Fast forward 30 years and I am looking back at my fighter career. Young girl-leader in the world of engineers. Super-wife (well, had to divorce twice to figure out who I am and what I want) and super mama. I loved it all, but I was exhausted and tired. Last drop, my eldest son got bullied at school.

The day I find out is the day I become a stay at home, homeschooling mom.

I had to re-define my identity pretty swiftly. To find my life purpose.

I started to coach full time and attract dream clients. I get energized from every coaching session while still being fully there for my three boys and my awesome husband.

That’s how my identity shifted.

I am no longer a fighter. 

I am the one that brings miracles to my own life and to the lives of others.

I truly believe we all can redesign our mental model and our identity. I am honoured to be the one who helps people on their journey.

Let’s do a little exercise together, shall we?

Picture this:

There is a new super-achiever in the world and that’s you.

You are a true inspiration to others. You have great clarity about your purpose in life. You have great relationships and network of inspiring and enriching people.

You move towards your life vision effortlessly, smoothly, and with ease. You know that there is no such thing as failure, just feedback and learning.

Your world is full of opportunities. You pursue the right ones because you are mindful about what you want in your life and manifest exactly that.

You can identify whenever self-sabotage kicks in. You don’t tolerate negative self-talk and doubting thoughts.

You masterfully craft your belief system so that obsolete and limiting beliefs no longer stand in your way.

You get things done. You get the right things done. You have the right habits that transform into a lifestyle.

Gone are the times of struggle, procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. Your old world where you felt unfulfilled and stuck.

I am on a mission to help you on your journey.

I had to learn about values and priorities to create the life I’ve always wanted the hard way. I had to struggle through decision paralysis and overwhelm, stuck in my comfort zone that wasn’t comfortable at all.

Until finally I learned to live in the present moment. I have all areas of my life in perfect balance. I don’t feel like I am sacrificing health for success, or work for the family.

I learned to only work on things that matter and to manage everything else in a way that makes sense.

I see miracles happen every day when the people who doubt themselves find the support of someone who doesn’t see the limitations they do. Hindsight I credit my father to be that someone for me.

I self-identify as high-achiever. Whatever I do, I am planning on rocking it.

I self-identify as high-potential. I am finding ways to learn something of significance every day and transform it into value and quality.

And so I help my tribe, high-achievers and high-potentials, to re-assess what’s possible. To decide what truly matters. And then to manifest your ambitions and dreams with ease and peace of mind.

This blog is exactly about that. It’s about helping you to get clarity on your life purpose. It’s about helping you to be productive, prioritize the right things, have great relationships, and make the most out of every day with confidence.

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